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Speakers | U.S-Brazil Chamber of Commerce


microphone on stage

Our eternal gratitude to all the speakers that honored the U.S.-Brazil Chamber of Commerce and the economic development of both countries.

They showed to everyone how committed they are to their job with their support, friendship, gifts, talents, skills, knowledge and precious time.

The U.S. Brazil Chamber of Commerce hosted 13 powerful business breakfasts in the City of Doral that sent shock waves through U.S. and Brazil.

For event pictures and videos, click on Facebook and YouTube tab on the site. From the last event to the kick-off day.


Franchise Panel

João Barbosa – Partner & CFO
Giraffas USA

John Canaday
American Franchising Group, Inc

Edmar M. Amaya, LL.M

Pete De La Torre
The Voice of Business in Miami
And The Host of Pete Biz Radio Show


Frank Nero
BGA – Beacon Global Advisors, LLC
Topic: Miami-Dade County. An economy at the crossroad.



J. Antonio Villamil
Founder and Principal
WEG – The Washington Group
Topic: Economic Perspective for 2016

Live Remote Radio Show
Pete de La Torre Business Hour

11/ 18/2015

José “Pepe” Diaz
Miami-Dade County Commissioner
District 12
Chairman of the International Trade Consortium Board


Manuel Pila
Economic Developer
City of Doral
Topic: What’s happening in Doral?


Jerry Libbin
President & CEO
Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce
Miami Beach Commissioner
Topic: The impact of Brazilian trade on local economy


Vivian O. Walters, Jr.
Acting SBD Section Chief
Internal Services Department
Small Business Development Division
Miami-Dade County
Topic: Small Business; doing business with Miami-Dade County…
A billion-dollar market


Carlos Borges
PMM – Plus Media & Marketing
Focus Brazil Foundation’
Topic: Doing business with the many “Brazils. The tricky
regional business environments in Brazil


Chris Mangos
Director – Marketing Division
Miami-Dade Aviation Department
Miami International Airport


Eric Olafson
Manager – Intergovernmental Affairs
Cargo Development
Port of Miami


Bill Talbert, III – CDME
President & CEO
Greater Miami Conventions and Visitors Bureau
Topic: The GMCVB Marketing in Brazil


Manny Mencia
Sr. Vice President of the International Trade and
Business Development unit of Enterprises Florida, Inc.
Topic: Business opportunities between Florida and Brazil

Substituted by…

Ilona Vega Jaramillo
Director, International Trade Development
Enterprises Florida, Inc.


• No events!



Prof. Dr. Attila Andrade Jr.
Lawyer in Brazil, Professor and Amazon Author
Topic: Predictions for the Economic and Trade Relations between
Brazil and the U.S. in 2015

Special Guests

Sandra Ruiz
City of Doral Vice Mayor

Bruno Rodrigues
Deputy Consul
Consulate General of Brazil in Miami

Live Remote Radio Show
Pete de La Torre Business Hour

944 thoughts on “Speakers”

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